GP First Training Day

GP Expo 2025 is proud to partner with GP First, for the second year running, to deliver an exclusive, full-day training program targeted directly at GPs and Doctors in South Africa! GP First is set to present an international standard level of training to current and future South African GPs LIVE at the GP Expo at the Sandton Convention Centre, on the 15-16 March 2023.

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    What's happening?

    GP First will provide South African GPs with the “Hot Topics Primary Care Update Courses” researched and developed by NB Medical Education. This internationally recognised course is a market leader in helping busy GPs keep up to date with all new developments, research and guidelines, in their fields of Primary Care and Family Medicine. This course is presented by fellow GPs- a first for South African doctors. The course has an existing proof of concept already in place in the UK and Australian.


    Learn from industry-leading GPs at an international standard level.


    Gain access to a 350-page course book to take the knowledge you gain from the GP First Training Day away with you.


    Unearth new ways of working and vastly improve your knowledge.

    Meet the faces of the GP First Training Day

    "Excellent topics discussed at the GP First training conference."

    "Well worth my investment of time! I cannot believe this is free to attend!"

    "Grab your space now! This is a MUST ATTEND training day"

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