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The GP Expo 2025 partners with GP First

Partnering with GP First and NB Medical Education (UK), we are able to offer the international standard “Hot Topics Update Courses” to South African doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

The “Hot Topics” course will be running at the GP Expo 2025 again and are designed to help busy GP’s keep up-to-date with new developments, protocols, studies and guidelines in a range of medical fields. The courses are evidence-based, relevant to everyday practise, and constantly reviewed. All courses are academically authentic, and primary care appropriate. They are delivered in two formats: face-to-face Workshops, and Webinars (online).

A major benefit is that practise informing, academically authentic, primary care CPD will now be ‘consistently’ available to South Africa’s primary health care professionals. As a result, all GPs will be providing competent, effective medical care to our communities.

GP First believes that primary care doctors and nurses are the vital driving force in providing better universal health care to all South Africans. Our motto is “Be a GP First, see a GP First” and this reflects our passion for encouraging trainee doctors to become GPs first, and in addition encouraging patients needing medical care, to see their GP first!

GP First is proudly providing, for the first time ever in South Africa, the internationally renowned “Hot Topics GP Update Course”.  Primary Care courses in Cancer Management, Diabetes, Urgent Care, Women’s Health and Nursing will follow. Don’t miss out!

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